Announcing, Dude, Where’s Brownman’s Car? – A Benefit to Replace a Stolen Ride

On Friday December 10th, after his Electryc Trio stole the crowd’s collective breath at their monthly residence at the Allen Street Hardware Cafe, award-winning Toronto-based trumpet maverick Brownman discovered that someone had stolen his car on nearby Hudson Ave. In response, to help offset the cost of a new vehicle, the Buffalo music community which Brownman has helped cultivate so diligently these past few years has come together to throw a fun(d)raiser on his behalf.

Set for Saturday, January 22nd, at Nietzsche’s – so close to the scene of the crime and in the heart of the Allentown district that to him feels like home – the benefit will show Brownman the Buffalove he’s earned, as nearly every musician he’s shared a stage with here will be on hand to perform with him in what will surely be a wild night. In addition to the $8 cover charge, the proceeds from a silent auction and raffle will all serve to defray the cost of replacing his car. 

“The experience was tough to swallow – driving Brown around the West Side that night and the next day and eventually back to Toronto was traumatic even for me,” said frequent onstage cohort DJ Cutler. “But he’s such a fun and uplifting cat, before long we were cracking jokes and moving forward. I came back to Buffalo determined to organize a benefit to show him how strong the bonds he’s built here are, and that our music scene can overcome that crime scene.”

Brownman has played with a diverse collection of Buffalo musicians who all want to join the effort, allowing the event to be broken into four distinct sets with at the helm that will prove his ability to show where jazz is rooted, where it’s been, and where it can go; and the strength of the Buffalo scene to have so many players who can back and challenge him in every effort. Kicking off the show will be an ensemble cast in a bop-era set; followed by a funky workout with bassist Rodney Applebee and drummer Aaron Staebell in the Buffalo version of the Brownman Electryc Trio; then an innovative new local group grown out of the Pseudo Intellectuals and performing as the Chilharmonic Orchestra; and working into the wee hours with a marathon hip-hop-infused set paced by groove duo Type Relevant, DJ Cutler, and emcee Mad Dukes.

“To walk out of such a great gig and to realize my car has been stolen – with everything in it, leaving me with only the clothes on my back to get home – was shattering,” said Brownman. “But then to see how the city – Cutler in particular – has been so willing to try and help recoup the cost of a new car, try and close that wound and demonstrate Buffalo’s more than just about thievery … well… it’s moving beyond words.”

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3 Responses to Announcing, Dude, Where’s Brownman’s Car? – A Benefit to Replace a Stolen Ride

  1. Mukenstein says:

    Is Brownman really considering the car in the picture? I’m not sure that is a good investment considering the frequent Toronto – Buffalo trips that are required of him. It must be at least 30 years old and probably only gets 10-15 mpg!!

    I suppose I’ll be there regardless since Brownman can always be counted on to bring the funk and the pain simultaneously!! Throw in Rodney Applebee, Mad Dukes, Tone Atlas and DJ Cutler and you have a who’s who of Buffalo funk and hip hop. See you there!!!!

    PS: Dear Brownman, on behalf of Buffalo, sorry about the car. I suppose we aren’t all good neighbors…

  2. S1Wilson says:

    Only seen Brownman perform once, but it was awesome. That sucks about the ride, but good to see people coming together for a cause like that. Have to disagree with young Muke however, as that is a nice lookin sleigh.

  3. Bill Vosteen says:

    I really enjoy Brownman myself and wanted to donate to his car fund. I can’t make the fund raiser tomorrow, but discovered he’s got a Paypal account. Just make a donation to on Paypal. Just like putting cash in his pocket except for the Paypal fees.


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