Song of the Day – The Tragically Hip, “Locked in the Trunk of a Car” – Live at ’92 Junos

By Seamus Gallivan

Good Hood regular Lee Franczyk answered a challenge made in this season of giving by Buffalo City Mission – the five-day “Fill Your Trunk with Hope” challenge. Lee – whose three children were among the “Robot Holiday Children’s Choir” that performed at Holiday Live at Larkin earlier this month – created a Facebook event page, stating, “I was looking on line for the address for the Buffalo City Mission to donate the kids’ winter coats from last year. On the site, I saw a page about ‘fill your trunk with hope’ and decided to get the kids involved for a Holiday volunteering opportunity for our family.”

As stated on the City Mission website – 

Take the challenge and make a difference!

Day 1:  5 Tall garbage bags of clothing

Day 2:  5 Boxes of Kleenex

Day 3:  5 Containers of disinfectant wipes

Day 4:  5 Packages of disposable razors men’s and/or women’s

Day 5:  5 Antiperspirant deodorants

You can go door to door, send emails or make phone calls to your family and friends to help meet your goals.

What other ideas do you have for collecting “Challenge Items”?

Although this song by The Tragically Hip does not appear to be at all about such charity, it’s still a classic Hip tune with the band’s signature bar-room swagger and singer Gord Downie’s pseudo-demented scowling, and this a classic performance of it –

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