About Us

Based in Buffalo, New York, The Good Neighborhood is all about community – online with a daily dose of the greater good, and on the town with a cause for every event.

Here on our website, we feature a wide variety of events, programs and stories dedicated to the greater good. Most of them are written by and about people in and around Buffalo, aka The City of Good Neighbors – and most have direct points of action if readers are inspired to get involved.

Our events, mainly concerts, have a greater purpose than just having fun – each has an underlying community benefit, from supporting nonprofits to breathing new life into once-neglected neighborhoods.

There are countless ways to contribute to The Good Hood – act on an article and/or author your own, attend and/or partner on an event, or simply spread the word to fellow Good Neighbors!

Contact info:
The Good Neighborhood
330 Amherst St.
Buffalo, NY 14207
(716) 218-8035
seamus – at –¬†thegoodneighborhood.com