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The Newbie Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting a Business

Small businesses are as impactful as large corporations because they help foster the growth of the economy. Two of the advantages they have to offer are meaningful job prospects and the opportunity to nurture the local community. Not only that, but they’ve become a lucrative choice of career for the people as well. Before rushing

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A Low-income Earner’s Guide To Saving and Investing

Salary figures in the Philippines aren’t the most coveted, and with financial education not very apparent in the country, individuals with low-income are inclined to think that their options are very limited when it comes to growing their wealth. For example, it has been disclosed that 71% of middle- and upper-class Filipinos are familiar with

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Three Simple Ways to Get More Things Done at Work

Most people want to make the most out of their day.If you are a morning person, for instance, chances are you strive to finish most of your tasks before lunchtime. If you consider yourself a workaholic, meanwhile, you probably work even during weekends. Time moves fast and you cannot seem to get enough of it.

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old cars

What to Do with your Broken Cars

Cars that are already malfunctioning even with intensive repairs must be handled accordingly. If you have one in your home, it consumes your space. It is time to seek other options under the condition that you have used all your effort and time in fixing your vehicle. Scrapping a car may not be your only

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A Place to be One With Nature

No matter how modern a homeowner may be, they will always want a piece of nature in their property. If they have the space, it’s still their backyard – their oasis from life’s everyday challenges. Not only is this an area where you can enjoy some quality time with your friends and family, but it’s

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Cutting Costs and Improving Efficiency in Returns Management

Returns management, once considered an afterthought, is fast becoming a crucial element to retail enterprises in the age of e-commerce. Retail businesses should improve the returns management logistical pipeline to reduce inefficiency costs and improve customer satisfaction. Many retail enterprises see returns management as a major point of frustration. Although essential toward maintaining customer satisfaction,

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Why P&I Insurance Is Important for Ship Owners

P&I is a common term in the shipping industry. Short for Protection and Indemnity insurance, this refers to a liability coverage specially made for commercial ship owners and other marine vessels used for commercial use. It basically offers protection for the owners against various risks of liability. If land vehicle owners have auto insurance, so

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A Beginner’s Guide to Out-of-the-Box Thinking

It is becoming more and more difficult to differentiate products and services these days. Tried and proven solutions are favored by competing brands, which results in mostly similar approaches to marketing. What’s popular is safe, but it is not exciting anymore. If you want your brand name to stand out, would you choose a safe-and-sound

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Top Businesses to Invest in This Year

A good business should be able to compete with other existing ventures in the area. If you’re brave and creative enough, you can even create a new product or service that no one has ever thought of. Like any other business, the goal is to generate a profit and create job opportunities. So, you need

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