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managing agreements in a divorce

Managing Finances in a Divorce: Know Your Rights

The entire process of a divorce is emotionally draining. It is also financially draining. To ensure that you are adequately protected, hire a divorce lawyer and financial adviser you can trust. If you have children, it is also essential to hire a child support attorney. Data from NOLO shows that the average cost of a

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How Much It Will Cost You if You Are Arrested

Following the law is just a decent way to live. If everyone followed all of the rules, lawyers wouldn’t have a job, so attorneys are a bit torn here. Today, you might want to consider something that most law-abiding people never think. How much would it cost you if you were arrested? The explanation is

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Avoiding Lawsuits to Protect Your Company

Limiting risk and protecting your business can often take the same activities. Many businesses were hard hit during the pandemic and it created a ripple effect that had some serious consequences within their communities. Every business is interconnected to others. There are support services and supply chain logistics that can have lasting negative effects on

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The Financial Effects of Divorce

Divorce is a complicated matter. It is not something that couples take lightly. When the decision to divorce comes, it is often after a long-drawn-out period of conflict that eventually proves to be irreconcilable. When there are children involved, the decision becomes even more difficult to make.   Still, when it becomes impossible for the

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How You Can Improve Your Company’s Financial Position

Ideas and a vision are often considered the main aspects needed to run your own business. But, it is along the journey of your entrepreneurship that you realize how important revising your financial strategies is. Finances make or break a company and are considered complex and nerve-racking parts of your business. Therefore, you need to analyze

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Managing a Law Office: Tips for Legal Entrepreneurs

As a legal entrepreneur, you are known to deliver innovative legal services and processes through the establishment of a business. Your business will then mostly focus on playing out your theories and expertise about specific categories of legal entrepreneurship. You can handle personal injury cases, estate planning cases, bankruptcy, divorce, employment cases, criminal cases, or

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Career Options for the Musically Inclined

A world without music is such a lonely place to be in. It’s like seeing life through grayscale or black and white lenses — bland, lifeless, and indistinguishable. Can you imagine what kind of world you will be living in if music wasn’t invented? Music is one of the many things that give color to people’s

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Managing Mental Well-being in the Workplace During the COVID-19 Pandemic

For most of us, our jobs play a significant part in our lives. We spend a significant amount of our lifetime at work, along with worrying and thinking about our careers. Often, work takes a huge toll on employees, resulting in work-related stress, anxiety, and depression. Some of their adverse effects include poor productivity, increased

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Qualities Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Needs

Maybe you were inspired by Mark Zuckerberg. Or any of those “self-made” Silicon Valley guys who, according to their origin stories, deftly built startups from their parents’ garage and turned their entrepreneurial endeavors into billion-dollar ventures. Now, you, too, aspire to be one of them. And you feel like there’s nothing that can hold you back. If

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Proven Strategies to Maximize Claims in a Divorce Settlement

Divorcing your spouse can be emotionally straining, and not to mention it’s one of the most challenging financial decisions between romantic partners. In the United States alone, one couple gets divorced every twenty seconds, resulting in significant exchange and settlements of financial assets every day. When a couple gets divorced, both will likely want to ensure

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