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Qualities Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Needs

Maybe you were inspired by Mark Zuckerberg. Or any of those “self-made” Silicon Valley guys who, according to their origin stories, deftly built startups from their parents’ garage and turned their entrepreneurial endeavors into billion-dollar ventures. Now, you, too, aspire to be one of them. And you feel like there’s nothing that can hold you back. If

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Proven Strategies to Maximize Claims in a Divorce Settlement

Divorcing your spouse can be emotionally straining, and not to mention it’s one of the most challenging financial decisions between romantic partners. In the United States alone, one couple gets divorced every twenty seconds, resulting in significant exchange and settlements of financial assets every day. When a couple gets divorced, both will likely want to ensure

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Downsize in the New Normal

Most people are facing financial difficulties during the pandemic. Unemployment rates reached unprecedented levels and are still elevated. Many businesses closed shop. Many others are struggling. Whether you are among those who are currently unemployed or are a small business owner straining to keep afloat, it is time to assess your resources. Even if you currently have a job,

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Marriage and Finances in the Time of Covid-19

The American Family Survey (AFS) reported that couples who had financial problems were more likely to also say that their marriage was in trouble. If a relationship is not stable, financial distress could break it. It is not surprising that many couples are facing financial difficulties. As the pandemic forced many businesses to close or downsize, the U.S.

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Workplace Injuries: Compensation, Employer Responsibility, and More

Injuries in the workplace occur every year. These are accidents or complications that are caused directly by the job or work environment. The workplace is filled with safety hazards that can cause fatal injuries to employees. Unfortunately, threats like these are usually neglected and not given appropriate attention. In 2018, there were about 5,250 grave

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How to Build a Meaningful Relationship With Your Employees

Managing your employees involves developing strategies to make them work towards the goal of the company. It also involves problem-solving, creating a comfortable workspace, and supporting them as they pursue the career and personal goals. Therefore, as an employer, you need to know how to manage your company staff to keep your business on the

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Doing Good in the Time of Corona

No two ways about it: 2020 has been an incredibly difficult year. The pandemic has infected more than 30 million in the world and has claimed the lives of 1 million people. COVID-19 has plunged the global economy into the worst recession the world has seen in a century. We see climate change’s effects in

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How Small Businesses Are Beneficial to the Local Community

Nowadays, being a responsible business owner doesn’t just mean that you do right by your employees and your customers. It also means you have to do right within your community. Multiple surveys have shown that consumers are more likely to support brands that have a proven social responsibility program in place. But while you might

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Evicting Bad Tenants: How to Avoid Legal Headaches

In the property rental business, bad tenants are the plague for many landowners. Sure, they have good relationships with them at times. But property business is a business, and missed rental payments are not ideal, especially when there are hopeful renters out there who can commit regular payments. Sometimes, evicting bad tenants is the best

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