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Motorcycle accident

Receiving Compensation After a Car or Motorcycle Accident

You understand how difficult it is to make personal injury claims. Do not go all in by yourself. It is a very overwhelming process, and you might stumble upon confusing legal jargon. So, find an injury attorney to follow up on your case and represent you in a court of law. And whether you are

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Businessman seeking for legal advice

Take Steps to Legally Protect Your Business

One of your responsibilities as a business owner is to ensure that your organization survives or stays operational. Whether it is by ensuring it is profitable or by implementing protective measures that will shield it from the dangers of the market, it is your job to do it right. Here are some of the things

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Divorce Process

Hiding Assets in Divorce: Can You Get Away with It?

When it comes to dividing assets in a divorce, some parties may try to hide a large bank account or properties from their spouses. Not wanting to share that piece of asset is one of the common reasons, especially if there are so much hate and resentment in the relationship. Some may feel that their

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doctor shows brain xray

Brain Damage: Understanding the Different Types of Brain Injury

The brain is a delicate organ in the body responsible for so much work. When it is well taken care of, the brain helps other organs function as good as they can every single day. However, medical problems like infection, lack of oxygen and strokes, as well as accidents, can cause severe and permanent injury

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How Much Rent Can You Really Afford?

Money Matters: How Much Rent Can You Really Afford?

You wouldn’t rent a condo that’s worth twice your monthly salary. But even if your rent is less than your salary, you may still be overspending and living way beyond your means. Consider your monthly expenses and, if you have a big enough salary and aren’t living from paycheck to paycheck, your savings and emergency

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Homeowners Association

Do Communities Really Need a Homeowners Association?

If you’ve ever lived in a village or residential subdivision, you might have experienced dealing with a homeowners’ association (HOA). I grew up in a village, and my parents never liked the idea of a HOA. They could afford the monthly dues, but each time the miscellaneous fees increased without warning, they’d complain that the

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Dealing with Annoying Neighbors the Legal Way

Dealing with Annoying Neighbors the Legal Way

Featured Image from: Vivint Not all of us are blessed with heaven-sent neighbors. Back at my parents’ house, we had one good neighbor, a neighbor next door who believed in letting their young daughter cry-out her tantrums at ungodly hours, and a neighbor who liked renting out his home to college students whose garbage and

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watching videos

Top 10 New Binge-Worthy Netflix Originals

We all know by now that Netflix is a streaming giant – but that’s not all that it is. After spending $15 billion on original content for 2019, Netflix is now also a content creating behemoth, producing new and exciting series, specials, movies, and documentaries that you can watch nowhere else. From suspenseful crime thrillers

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lady justice

Necessity Defense in Criminal Cases

It is unfortunately common nowadays to find yourself accused of various illegal activities. In these cases, it is essential to get the best team to guarantee an acquittal. You don’t want to face the consequences of a criminal conviction. Other than the hefty penalties and extended jail terms, a criminal sentence will lock you out

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